Working with Windows Azure Storage –RESTORE DATBASE FROM BACKUP FILE IN BLOB STORAGE- SQL Server 2014

  Restoring the Database backup from the Azure Storage blog is pretty simple.   Create the credentials     Background Process     RestoreDatabase: Database AdventureWorks2012_BlobRestore Opening backup set VDI: "C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL12.MSSQLSERVERMSSQLBinnBackupToUrl.exe" "r" "p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rogram FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL12.MSSQLSERVERMSSQLLog" "DB" "41006400760065006E00740075007200650057006F0072006B00730032003000310032005F0042006C006F00620052006500730074006F0072006500" "NOTRACE" Restore: Configuration section loaded Restore: Backup set […]

How to: Install Azure PowerShell

  Download and install the Azure PowerShell modules by running the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. When prompted, click Run. The Web Platform Installer installs the Azure PowerShell modules and all dependencies. Follow the prompts to complete the installation                  

Creating SQL Database on Microsoft Azure

  A quick demo on how to create a SQL Database on Microsoft Azure.   Login to Azure Portal or Manage Azure Portal From Azure Portal   From Manage Azure Portal   Create Database       Accessing the database. Click the database name it will take you to the database page.   Added the […]

MS SQL Server Database Backup to Azure Storage

  Requirement is to backup on-premises database on Windows Azure Storage. To perform this task you need the below   Windows Azure subscription Storage Account (Login to Azure Portal –> +New –> Browse Data +  Storage –> Storage) Click on Home and browse the . Copy the [STORAGE ACCOUNT NAME], [PRIMARY ACCESS KEY]   Open […]

SQL Database Service on Azure (Replication and Data Sync)

This article focuses on replicating on-premises SQL Server Database data on Microsoft SQL Azure Database. We cannot use traditional  (Replication Topologies)way of replicating data to Azure SQL Server Database.     To set and configure we have to do the following.   Log on to Azure Portal or Manage Windows Azure Browse to SQL Database […]

Encrypt SQL Server database backup using Microsoft Azure®Tool

  Download Microsoft® SQL Server® Backup to Microsoft Azure®Tool and install it on the server where you want to encrypt database back.   Download link :   After the installation is successfully navigate to services.msc (Microsoft SQL Server backup to Windows Azure Tool) Service.The service installs with a default login , change it to […]