Timeout with Multi-subnet Listener

Time-out error and you cannot connect to a SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn availability group listener in a multi-subnet environment Once you are done with AG Creation and Listener configuration , change the RegisterAllProvidersIP value from 1 to 0. PS C:Users> Get-ClusterResource AG_ListenerName| Get-ClusterParameter RegisterAllProvidersIP Change to PS C:Users> Get-ClusterResource AG_ListenerName | Set-ClusterParameter RegisterAllProvidersIP 0

Cluster Core Resource Offline/failed after multiple failovers

Cluster group was failed after multiple server reboots/failovers (moving of cluster resource group multiple times)   Get what all resources are failed / offline PS:> Get-ClusterResource |Where-Object  {$.state –eq “Failed”} or PS:> Get-ClusterResource |Where-Object  {$.state –eq “offline”}     Check the cluster core resource owner PS:> Get-ClusterGroup Move the Cluster Core Resource to the logged […]

Failover Cluster from Command Prompt

We all have learnt how windows cluster work and how SQL Server works with Windows Cluster. As a database administrator i deal everyday with clusters and clusting issues. Here we will see how to check Cluster,Cluster Resources,Nodes etc from Command Prompt and also how to failover to the available nodes. It will help you check cluster […]