Monitor Stretch Database Activity

Microsoft SQL Server has provided couple of DMV’s to Monitor Stretch Database ,Stretch Objects and Data Movement to Azure SQL Server database sys.remote_data_archive_databases sys.sysservers sys.remote_data_archive_tables sys.dm_db_rda_migration_status I have a video on how to use these DMV’s and what information do they have

Enable Table for Stretch Database – Part 3

Enabling Stretch Database on a database or a table requires db_owner permissions. Enabling Stretch Database on a table also requires ALTER permissions on the table. USE <DATABASE NAME> GO ALTER TABLE <table name> ENABLE REMOTE_DATA_ARCHIVE WITH ( MIGRATION_STATE = ON ); GO; example: use SQL2016DB GO ALTER TABLE t1 ENABLE REMOTE_DATA_ARCHIVE WITH (MIGRATION_STATE = ON […]

Enable Database for Stretch – Part 2

You can enable database for stretch using T-SQL and to existing Azure Database ALTER DATABASE <database name> SET REMOTE_DATA_ARCHIVE = ON (SERVER = server name); GO Check if Database is enabled for Stretch use master go select is_remote_data_archive_enabled,name from sys.databases where is_remote_data_archive_enabled=1 go example ALTER DATABASE [SQL2016DB] SET REMOTE_DATA_ARCHIVE = ON (SERVER = N’’)

Enable Database for Stretch – Part 1

Create Azure Database , user name and password.Configure the Firewall Rules (Local IP address) to connect to Azure. Oct 11 2015 17:21:30: Log opened. TraceLevel:Informational Oct 11 2015 17:21:32 [Informational] UI Authentication via ADAL:CommonAzureUserAuthenticationUIControl Message:Session expired. Oct 11 2015 17:21:33 [Informational] UI Authentication via ADAL:CommonAzureUserAuthenticationUIControl Message:Token Cache cleared; Going to sign in screen. Oct 11 […]

Configure SQL Instance for Stretch

Stretch database feature is default disabled. To use it , it must be enabled. In case you try to use it without enabling it , GUI will show a message you to enable the feature Pre-Check Change the configuration value of [remote data archive]   to 1 use master go sp_configure ‘remote data archive’,1 reconfigure with […]