Internals of database-snapshot

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Reverting Database using Database Snapshot

  It is always on ease having a backup and recovery strategies in place but few times it also important to recover a database to appoint which doesn’t require a full database restore or in shot no hard efforts. While working with one of my previous organization I was asked to do something which actually […]

Setup CDC (Change Data Capture)

Here we will go over how to setup CDC on an exiting or new database in SQL Server 2008 How to setup Change Data Capture (CDC) Create a Database or User the exiting Database 1.  Enable the Database for CDC  Use <Database name> exec sys.sp_cdc_enable_db Check the database is enabled for CDC  select name,is_cdc_enabled from sys.databases […]

Drop Constraint Key Script

Below Script will generate the Drop Script of all the Constarints within a Database. —Generates Script to Drop Constraints (Primary Key or Unique Key)— –USE (DatabaseName) GO SET NOCOUNT ON –Declared Variables– DECLARE @vNumDBs Int DECLARE @vCount Int DECLARE @SchemaName Varchar(MAX) DECLARE @TableName Varchar(MAX) DECLARE @ConstraintName Varchar(MAX) ———————- –Store Object and Schema Name– DECLARE @Object_Holder […]

Script Indexes SQL Server 2005 & 2008

Download Updated Script : Index_Script This script will help DBA’s in scripting out all the existing indexes(Clustered , Non-Clustered, Clustered with PK, Clustered with Unique key, Non-Clustered with Unique Key etc.) in a Database.Script will script the Partition Indexes which exists on Partition Scheme,Primary Filegroup or on any Filegroup In SQL Server 2008 there is […]

Database SnapShot SQLServer 2008

Database snapshot feature is available in MS-SQLServer2005 and SQLServer2008.It is supported by all recovery models of SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008. A Database snapshot is read-only, static view of a database (the source database). A Database snapshot captures the data and committed transitions of the OLTP Database. No uncommitted transactions are recorded in database […]