Query Store Catalog Views – Part 6

Disclaimer :  Subject to change with new CTP updates. FROM BOL: The Query Store can be viewed and managed through Management Studio or by using the following views and procedures. sys.fn_stmt_sql_handle_from_sql_stmt Query Store Catalog Views Gives detail information about the Query Store. sys.database_query_store_options sys.query_context_settings sys.query_store_plan sys.query_store_query sys.query_store_query_text sys.query_store_runtime_stats sys.query_store_runtime_stats_interval Query Store Stored Procedures Stored procedures […]

Query Store – Force Plan – Part 5

Maintaining Query Performance Stability For queries that are executed multiple times you may notice that SQL Server used different plans which resulted in different resource utilization and duration. With Query Store you can easily detect when the query performance regressed and determine the optimal plan within a period of interest. Then you can force that […]

Query Store – Plans Usage – Part 4

In Regressed Queries , The Plan summary displays information on how many query plan were generated for a query and when those plans were used.   On mouse over on the bubble , it will display the below information   The Grid view will display the graphical representational data

Query Store – Part 2

Part –1 is on how to enable Query Store, in this post we will see what happens once Query Store is enabled. Once the Query Store is enabled, 4 Query monitor are configured which is under Query Store folder   Regressed Queries : The Regressed Queries pane shows you the queries, and plans in the […]

Query Store – Part 1

[BOL] The SQL Server Query Store feature provides DBAs with insight on query plan choice and performance. It simplifies performance troubleshooting by enabling you to quickly find performance differences caused by changes in query plans. The feature automatically captures a history of queries, plans, and runtime statistics, and retains these for your review. It separates […]