SQL Server Index Fragmentation and Its Resolution

It’s really easy to answer the interviewer question “How to know index fragmentation?” and “what you will do to resolve the issue?” It’s always a situation with Production DBA’s how to find index fragmentation and in case they are lucky enough to find out they are confused its internal fragmentation or external fragmentation. What to […]

Query Plan -Part I

This post is about how to see or get compiled query plans. I thought of writing this blog to help  DBA’s who run around to seek help how to get compiled query plans and see which one is being used for their query. SQL Server follows some basis rules to generate the Query Plan. 1. […]

How to make Dedicated Admin Connection to SQL Server in Single User Mode

Some time there is a need to start SQL Server Service in DAC mode (Dedicated Administrator Connection) (Emergency Mode).  Enable Remote Admin Connection using sp_configure so a dedicated connection can be made when SQL Server Start in single user mode.  sp_configure ‘remote admin connections’ ,1  reconfigure with override            C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL […]