Backup On-Premises Database To Azure Cloud Storage

In this article we will see how to do SQL Database backup directly to Azure Cloud Storage. Microsoft Introduced URL  Backup from on-premises to Azure Cloud Storage with SQL Server 2012 . I assume that you have a container set up in Azure Blob Storage Service. Configuration: Create SQL Server credentials for authentication to the Microsoft Azure Blob […]

Import Azure SQL Database export file to On-Premises SQL Server

Login to On-Premises SQL Server Instance. Right Click the Databases Folder and select [Import Data-tier Application] Choose Import from Windows Azure Storage Provide the Storage Account information Provide the temporary storage location for file to be downloaded.Provide the location which has enough space (.bacpac filesize + 10%) Specify the target Database Name and file locations

Export Azure SQL Database to Azure Storage

You can export the Azure SQL Database using PowerShell , Azure Portal , Visual Studio,SQL Server Management Studio. In this post i have used PowerShell to export the Azure SQL Database to Azure Storage.(You can also export it to you on-premises local storage) #————————–Create SQL Server Azure Database Context —————————# import-module ‘C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsAzurePowerShellServiceManagementAzureAzure.psd1’ […]

Deploy Database from Azure SQL Database to Azure VM SQL Database

  In this post we will go-over on how to move the Azure SQL Database to Azure VM SQL Database. You cannot backup the the Azure SQL Database by issuing Backup Database  Command on version [Microsoft SQL Azure (RTM) – 11.0.9230.80  Mar 10 2015 12:37:14      Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation] it will prompt the below error […]

Connecting Azure SQL Database using PowerShell

  In this post we will connect Azure SQL Database using PowerShell. I assume that you have a Azure Database Created using Azure Portal and the login information which was provided at the time of database creation. Import Azure PowerShell Module. import-module ‘C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsAzurePowerShellServiceManagementAzureAzure.psd1’ Azure SQL Database can only be accessed using SQL […]