Restore Database Backup from Azure Storage URL

In this topic we will restore a database from an on-premises backup apply to restoring a database from a cloud backup file. Before you start the Restore Database Process from Azure Cloud Storage,You need Azure Storage Account, Account Key,and Credential Create Credential CREATE CREDENTIAL AzureStorageCred WITH IDENTITY = ‘dbproxazurestorage’ ,SECRET = ‘HJjm/dfds+MFFmpBLQwiWR+fdsafadfsd+XDAz8uLX/asdasssdfgdsfdsfas==’; Right Click the […]

Restart an Interrupted Restore Operation

What exactly we normally do when a restore is interrupted, we restore the database again. What if you can restart the restore where it was interrupted? Quite Good !Right Microsoft SQL Server Added the option Restart in the Restore command from SQL Server 2012.The  WITH RESTART option checks the checkpoint of the interrupted backup and […]

Database Recovery Status

Lets say we have a full backup on Sunday along with Incremental once in a day from Monday to Saturday and Log backup every 15 mins. The DR drill is scheduled for Thursday.The Stored Procedure will let us know what sequence will be required to perform a recovery  in case DR Test failed for any […]