Encrypting connections to SQL Server – SSL

The post is to demonstrate how to encrypt connection to SQL Server using SSL. At the bottom of the page you can see the video which demonstrates how to create a certificate and configure SQL Server to use SSL.

SSL : Secure Sockets Layer is the most commonly used for web based client or native SQL Server Clients.

Lets see how can we obtain a certificate using IIS. Folow the below steps

  • Open IIS Manager
  • Click on the Root (Server Name) under connections
  • On the Right Panel window select Server Certificates under IIS
  • Double Click Server Certificates
  • Under Server Certificates right click and select Create Self-Signed Certificate.
  • Provide a friendly name for the Certificate and select the Certificate Store for the Certificate
  • Click OK

Certificate is created and installed. Now Configure the SQL Server to use the Certificatesql

  • Start SQL Server Configuration Manager and Navigate to SQL Server Network Configuration
  • Select Protocol for <SQL Server Instance Name>
  • Right click the Protocol>Properties>Certificate Tab
  • Choose the Certificate just created.
  • Go to Flags tab of the Property Page
  • Select Yes for Force Encryption
  • Click Apply and OK

Now Restart the SQL Server Services for the change to take effect

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