Monitor AlwaysOn Log QueueRate and Redo Queue

Monitoring alwayson Log Send Queue and Redo Queue

DMV’s sys.dm_hadr_database_replica_states & sys.availability_replicas provided the information on log send queue and redo Queue size

SELECT        DB_NAME(database_id) AS dbname,ar.replica_server_name, 
      CASE drs.is_local 
          WHEN 0 THEN 'REMOTE' 
            ELSE 'LOCAL' 
          END AS is_local, drs.last_hardened_time,
drs.log_send_queue_size / 1024 AS MB_log_SendQueueSize, drs.log_send_rate / 1024 AS MB_log_send_rate, 
drs.redo_queue_size / 1024 AS MB_redo_queue_size, 
drs.redo_rate / 1024 AS MB_redo_rate,drs.last_commit_time
      sys.dm_hadr_database_replica_states drs join 
            sys.availability_replicas ar on drs.group_id=ar.group_id and drs.replica_id=ar.replica_id


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