In-Memory OLTP –Part 4

Memory Optimization Advisor

Transaction performance reports tool informs you about which tables in your database will benefit if ported to use In-Memory OLTP. After you identify a table that you would like to port to use In-Memory OLTP, you can use the memory optimization advisor to help you migrate the disk-based database table to In-Memory OLTP.


Memory Optimization Advisor can be initiated as below

Identify the table in the database as suggested by AMR tool,right click the object—> Memory Optimization Advisor






This  help you to analyze your databases for any incompatibilities with the new In-Memory OLTP feature. Some of the data types that are not supported by the In-Memory OLTP feature include:

  • Datetimeoffset
  • Geography
  • Hierarchyid
  • Image
  • Ntext
  • Sql_variant
  • Text
  • Varchar(max)
  • Xml
  • User data types (UDTs)

Supported data types are listed here .Check for Migrating Check and Foreign Key Constraints supportability.

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