Connecting Azure SQL Database using SQL Server Management Studio

There are multiple ways of connecting Azure SQL Server

  • Connect by SQL Server Name
  • Connect by URL
  • Connect by FQDN


Connect by server name require you host name configuration changes at your end or you should have your VPC / VPN .You can read more here on the guidelines for Connecting to Azure SQL Database.

In this post we will see how to connect Azure SQL Database using SQL Server Management Studio and PowerShell.

I assume that you have a Azure Database Created using Azure Portal and the login information which was provided at the time of database creation.



Click on the database , it will take you to the database information page, here you will see [Connect to your database] and the Server details.



Copy the Server Information  (Server:,1433)

open SQL Server Management Studio and pass the details as below. You may get Error while connecting for the first time which is to allow access to you IP Address.

To get you IP Address added to the Azure firewall rule follow the below steps on Azure Portal.



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