Catalog Views for Change Tracking (SQL2008R2) Part 2

To determine which tables and databases have change tracking enabled, you can use the following catalog views:

sys.change_tracking_databases: The view list the database’s enabled for Change Tracking.

sys.change_tracking_tables        : The view list the table’s information enabled for Change tracking.

sys.dm_tran_commit_table       Displays one row for each transaction that is committed for a table that is tracked by SQL Server change tracking. The sys.dm_tran_commit_table management view, which is provided for supportability purposes and exposes the transaction-related information that change tracking stores in the sys.syscommittab system table. The sys.syscommittab table provides an efficient persistent mapping from a database-specific transaction ID to the transaction’s commit log sequence number (LSN) and commit timestamp. The data that is stored in the sys.syscommittab table and exposed in this management view is subject to cleanup according to the retention period specified when change tracking was configured.

Also, the sys.internal_tables catalog view lists the internal tables that are created when change tracking is enabled for a user table

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