Transactional Replication Information (Publisher–Publication-Articles-Subscriber–Articles)

The script is to pull replicated objects and when the last data was replicated from each of the objects

use [Distribution Database Name]
select sss.srvname PublisherServer,mss.publication_id,mss.publisher_db,
msa.article Publisher_Articals,
sss1.srvname SubscriberServer,mss.subscriber_id,mss.subscriber_db,mss.article_id,
msa.destination_object Subscriber_Articals,
from MSsubscriptions mss join
sys.sysservers sss on mss.publisher_id=sss.srvid join sys.sysservers sss1
on mss.subscriber_id=sss1.srvid
join MSarticles msa on mss.publisher_id=msa.publisher_id and mss.article_id=msa.article_id



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