How to manually generate cluster Log on Win 2008

So far I have seen cluster logging is not enabled by default and it really makes difficult to troubleshoot cluster issues; to troubleshoot the issue I have to manually generate the log for command prompt.

Here we will learn how to generate the cluster log from command prompt.


  • Open the command with administrator privileges. (Better to open the command prompt with “Run as Administrator”.)
  • Type “Cluster /Cluster: ClusterName log /gen /copy “C:temp”. You should get output as follows



One thought on “How to manually generate cluster Log on Win 2008

  1. Please be informed that there is a COLON (:) missing in the above command.
    it should be
    “Cluster /Cluster: log /gen /copy:“C:temp”

    The screen shot has the correct syntax but the text has the typo.

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