Transactional Replication Information (Publisher–Publication-Articals–LogReader)

I have created a script  to get all replication information about Publisher,Publication,Articals and LogReader in a treeview Structure .Like How many publisher withsnapshot location,how  many publication are generated from each of the publisher,How many articals are associated with each publication ,Log Reader Agents associated with each publication with LodReader Agent Job information. I will write more about Replication Type,SyncType,Subscription Type etc in my next blog post or in the same one.

Script: Download the script and run the Script at Distribution Database

Run this script if u have SQL Server 2005 or above.

Download : Replication_Info_Script – V3

Download :Replication_Info_Script – V2

Download : Replication_Info_Script



Update  :  Added Subscription Information

Update : Added Distributor Information

5 thoughts on “Transactional Replication Information (Publisher–Publication-Articals–LogReader)

  1. Bug has been identified in the code.. I will be updating the script soon.. there is no harm in running the script on the prodcution .. As i have tested the same in UAT and also use the same script in the Prod Env.

  2. Bug fixed….. the value of the below variable was previously set to 1 .
    DECLARE @Publication_id varchar(10)
    DECLARE @publisher_id varchar(10)

  3. In process of upgrading the script to add subscription and Distribution agent information.

    If u guys have any suggestion please let me know.

  4. Aijaz,
    Will respond to your query in few days as i am travelling (going to my parental home for Eid).


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