How to make Dedicated Admin Connection to SQL Server in Single User Mode

Some time there is a need to start SQL Server Service in DAC mode (Dedicated Administrator Connection) (Emergency Mode). 

Enable Remote Admin Connection using sp_configure so a dedicated connection can be made when SQL Server Start in single user mode. 

sp_configure ‘remote admin connections’ ,1 
reconfigure with override





C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL10.BIMSSQLBinn>sqlservr.exe -sBI(instance name) -m 

Note : Before stopping SQL Server Service Stop the SQL Server Reporting Service as it will make the first connection (Connection Pooling) as SQL Server Service starts in Single User Mode. 

 To create a DAC Connection open a new commond prompt and connect to sqlcmd 



Stop SQL Server Service and start again using option -m from command Prompt.






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